Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am a huge fan of the Christmas season. I’m the fool you’ve seen wearing Santa hats at the store. I can be heard singing random lyrics to random songs and I begin watching Christmas movies on Black Friday. I blame my parents for this crazy behavior. When I was a kid they created an atmosphere of joy and anticipation which would build slowly until Christmas Eve. It was impossible not to get caught up in it. We knew the festivities had begun because Mom would suddenly want to “Let’s go look at the lights!” go driving around. Christmas music would be played a lot around the house. The advent calendar was opened every morning and the candy was eaten. By the time Christmas Eve arrived and our church service concluded I was ready to blast off like a rocket ship.
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Another blog post in the Point Of View series. Thanks to Lily for her thoughts:

Hi. My name is Lily Fimamut. I’m 22 years old and have always lived with my parents. I love them tremendously but I needed my freedom and was looking forward to finally moving out. I nervously began my search on the internet a month ago. I can’t remember the specific websites I went to because there were so many but after emailing and researching I decided between 2 places whose location and price was ideal. One of them I’m living in now. The other one I’m not because … well… read on to see: Continue Reading »

Why you suck at Twitter

Okay Mr. Professional Social Media guru.. sit down and let’s chat a minute. Oh stop it now… close TweetDeck and give me 5 minutes. Now I know you’re busy and everything but there are some things I need to tell you about why you really DON’T understand this whole Twitter thing.

It’s impossible for you to engage with all of us
Twitter is about engagement. For those people whose followers are in the thousands and even tens of thousands how can you possibly get to know them? It’s more megaphone socializing isn’t it? Too much one way communication. Stop building numbers and build relationships.

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Managing and Measuring Leads

Guest spotted in my first podcast today. Yes… FIRST. We talked about all the different kinds of metrics you can follow regarding your leads. In addition we talked about how we manage our leads at Maryland Management I only lost my train of thought once… (so embarrassing) Seriously though if its something you’re interested in here’s the link:

Blog Talk Radio Presents Managing and Measuring Leads

You can’t learn how to become good at podcasting by not doing it. At least I wasn’t wearing any earrings. Happy renting everyone.

I’ve read lots of blog posts in my day. Most of them talk about this sales technique or why social media helps with this or that or where your leasing agents go to lunch or why you are a dummy if you can’t analyze your metrics right. There are lots of smart people out there in the blogging world. Too smart. For years they’ve probably heard over and over again about how smart they really are. “Ooh.. you’re so knowledgeable.” “I just love your blog” I really don’t care about all that. It’s not that I want people to think I’m not insightful and contemporary; of course I do. But unlike a lot of (too smart for their own good) people it’s hard for me to take myself that seriously. Here’s why: Continue Reading »

Turkey day has come and gone this year. I over ate to an extreme and was sound asleep by 9:30. Anyone who has small kids can understand how stressful a day like Thanksgiving can be. But seriously… I’m really thankful for that.

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Due to our more sophisticated Property Management systems, we are absolutely inundated today with reports. Some of these reports are invaluable and others are a big fat time waster.  One that is given WAY more credibility in this industry then it should is the Cost Per Lease. I can understand from a managing perspective why you want something like this.  Are we spending money on lead sources that aren’t producing?  I get it. But seriously folks, measuring this is a waste of your time.

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