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Okay Mr. Professional Social Media guru.. sit down and let’s chat a minute. Oh stop it now… close TweetDeck and give me 5 minutes. Now I know you’re busy and everything but there are some things I need to tell you about why you really DON’T understand this whole Twitter thing.

It’s impossible for you to engage with all of us
Twitter is about engagement. For those people whose followers are in the thousands and even tens of thousands how can you possibly get to know them? It’s more megaphone socializing isn’t it? Too much one way communication. Stop building numbers and build relationships.

You don’t know everything (more…)


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Guest spotted in my first podcast today. Yes… FIRST. We talked about all the different kinds of metrics you can follow regarding your leads. In addition we talked about how we manage our leads at Maryland Management I only lost my train of thought once… (so embarrassing) Seriously though if its something you’re interested in here’s the link:

Blog Talk Radio Presents Managing and Measuring Leads

You can’t learn how to become good at podcasting by not doing it. At least I wasn’t wearing any earrings. Happy renting everyone.

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Due to our more sophisticated Property Management systems, we are absolutely inundated today with reports. Some of these reports are invaluable and others are a big fat time waster.  One that is given WAY more credibility in this industry then it should is the Cost Per Lease. I can understand from a managing perspective why you want something like this.  Are we spending money on lead sources that aren’t producing?  I get it. But seriously folks, measuring this is a waste of your time.

Daddy, where do leads come from? (more…)

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I make mistekes all the time. In fact I like to tell my boss “All the mistakes I made today were to learn.” 3 years ago I was asked to redesign our website. If my boss was to ask me to grade the end result, I would say a B. If you cornered me alone I would probably say B- or C+ depending on my mood. Don’t misunderstand, the site IS effective and overall I feel that it’s a good one (You be the judge by visiting) but maybe because I was so involved in the whole process I am more judgemental. There are things I love about it and there are things I wish I had done differently. Lately with all of the new technologies and the growth (more like explosion) of social media the redesign itch has become more and more annoying. Here are some key things I’d like to implement on our next website redesign: (more…)

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Poor Thanksgiving. It seems that as soon as Halloween ends, I start to hear Christmas music in the stores. I saw my first Christmas commercial over the weekend; the DROID one with the snowman. As much as we’d like to wait to start our holiday planning until after Thanksgiving, we just can’t. The time to start coming up with ideas and strategies for your holiday community events is now. I am hoping that this blog post can turn into a collaboration… I will throw some ideas at you but I would really love to hear what you have tried, done, thought of, etc. Here are my low to no cost ways to celebrate the holidays at your community: (more…)

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It’s election day. Over the last few months we have been inundated with political signs, waving street folk, ads, phone calls, and door to door visitors. Don’t get me wrong; I love the process. Having the ability to vote (and using FourSquare to check in at my polling place … did you?) is what living in a free society is all about. After many months of the gluttony that is political advertising, there must be something we can learn from all this. I’m happy to report that there is.

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Social MediaSocial media strategy isn’t just creating a Twitter account and some Facebook pages and pray people friend you.  Certainly these sites are a major part of social media but there’s more to it than that. It’s about building your brand.  When people see your posts on Twitter, view your property Facebook pages, and see your responses to other people, they will begin to understand the kind of company you are.  The amount of attention and effort you give to your strategy will shape how people feel about you.  

Building your brand is one strategic reason but a good social media strategy can transform your customer service into becoming part of the Marketing team.  What do I mean?  By utilizing each resident/prospect’s voice you can turn each one of them into part of your marketing team.  They can take the good experience you’ve given them and transform it into hashtags, comments, statuses, and good word of mouth.   (more…)

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