My blog has MOVED!

Well maybe not moved but I copied what was here and put it over there. I like wordpress.com but I wanted my own home. I didn’t want to share it with anyone else. Maybe that’s selfish… not sure and don’t care. If you’ve subscribed here… then you’ll LOVE IT over there. Go ahead and check it out.

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What I learned in 2010

This post might come across as narcissistic. I apologize in advance for that. I do hope there’s enough self-deprecation to make up for it. It’s been quite a strange and unusual year for me. I realize most of you don’t care about those details so I’ll just move on. What I DO want to share is my list of things that I learned this year. Important and ground breaking? Certainly to me … but I hope there are things on this list that don’t match yours. You could also end up reading this and wonder why it took so long for me to figure it all out. I’ll take my chances. Anyway here goes nothing:
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We all have strange relatives. We all have dysfunctional families at times. We don’t always get along. We ARE a family though and I love every single one of them. Here are some examples of families with two extremes. Some love each other too much and others just creep me out.

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Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the tree. Santa is fun, cookies are delicious but there’s something about that green pine that warms the heart. Like everything else though some people’s definition of the Christmas tree is a bit different. Take a look:

Beer Bottle Tree: Otherwise known as the Redneck tree, I much prefer a nice IPA over this one.

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I will admit right here and right now that when it comes to some things I am lazy. (scared is another word I’d use) As I talked about a few days ago I am a Christmas junkie but my junkiness only goes so far. There’s something about plugging electrical cords into power strips which are plugged into outlets which are OUTSIDE! You know where moisture falls? OH wait you didn’t know I had some crazy kind of electric phobia? Well I’m not going into it here..that’s for another blog post. When it comes to Christmas lights I’d prefer to see what other people have created. They just wouldn’t look good on my house. Here’s round 1 of some crazy lunatics:
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Nothing says Christmas to me more than Grandma Got run over by a reindeer. Alright that’s just one of them. I have over 6,000 Christmas songs at my disposal. I can bang out a playlist faster than iTunes. So this year rather than just hum along to Justin Bieber singing “Someday at Christmas” (Originally done by Stevie Wonder) let’s take a minute to discover the history behind our most beloved Christmas tunes:
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Movies! Movies! Movies! What’s the first Christmas movie you can think of. Quick … scroll down and put it in the comments! I’ll wait… No there’s no Porky’s Christmas movie… try again. Okay you entered it? Next, what’s your favorite line from a Christmas movie? Can you remember one? Drop that in the comments too. Alright, I’ll spare you any more of this quiz, let’s get to it.

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